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Enquiry-Led Learning in Early Years

Children's questions are the start of their journey


Providing an excellent level of care and education is essential to the development of children in Early Years.  We draw inspiration from several trusted sources and are continuously researching and sourcing best practice and methodology that creates an innovative and inspiring curriculum in Early Years Education. 


Children learn best through hands on practical learning and our nursery provides playful and inspiring activities at every opportunity; from The Workshop brimming with tools, construction areas and interactive work stations to our classrooms specifically designed to promote independence and enquiry and to our outdoor garden with vegetable patch and open-ended play resources.


Each room considers the children’s innate desire to learn and provides an environment that gives them the confidence and freedom to stretch their capabilities.    Our Snug welcomes the babies into a warm, cosy home from home environment that ensures their first nursery experience is welcoming and full of opportunities to learn and sets them up ready to foster their love of learning.


We use eyLog Parent which enables parents to share and understand their child's development on a more regular and real-time basis, increasing their involvement in the activities at the nursery. Parents can access their child’s learning journey, daily diaries and reports on their mobile devices and computers/laptops through secure logins. 


You will need to download and install the EYLog app to your device.


The Early Years Log

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Please contact us to book a visit and to find out more about the childcare we provide at Hitchin House Day Nursery. 



the workshop playful learning

The Workshop


Built and designed with children at the heart offers the children a unique space for introducing STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) alongside woodwork and arts and crafts



dining room social interaction

The Dining Room


We think mealtimes should be a fun and social experience. Eating together, cooking together and learning about how food helps us grow, be active and stay healthy is a crucial part of a child's development into adulthood. 


Exploring the great outdoors
The Great Outdoors


Physical activity is hugely important for the positive health and wellbeing of children, especially in Early Years. We actively encourage the children to spend as much time outdoors, exploring nature and creating their own adventures as much as possible.


Health and wellbeing in Early Years


By giving children the freedom and independence to experiment, explore and learn in their own way, we help to give children a sense of ownership and accomplishment. Which in turn leads to happy, confident children ready to set out on their next adventure.