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Healthy Eating in Early Years

Creating a culture that encourages positive health and wellbeing is integral to ensuring children in Early Years develop into happy, healthy and active individuals. 


We believe that introducing children to a wholesome, varied and inspiring range of food from an early age, helps children to make better and healthier choices as they grow. 


Our unique communal dining room is designed to provide children with an eating space free of distractions to enable them to enjoy their meals without rushing to finish. Social interactions combined with plenty of opportunities for managing their meals independently (e.g. grating their own cheese) ensures that mealtimes are another fun and interactive part of the day.


Our delicious menus are prepared fresh, onsite daily by our experienced nursery chef. Our sample menu gives you a flavour of what your little one will be enjoying every day at nursery. 


Accommodating all diets and special requirements, offering a balanced mix of plant-based and sustainably-sourced white meat and fish dishes.

Our Menu

our menu

We serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and morning & afternoon snacks.

Take a look at our menu's up to the end of the year. 

Please note menus may be subject to change if ingredients are not available.



The role of education is to provide environments in which the children can be set free to follow their natural impulses to become the wonderfully dynamic, natural learners they are designed to be.