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Nursery Fees and Funding

We have tried to keep our fee structure as simple and transparent as possible whilst offering the booking flexibility that we know many parents require.


If your preferred session times are not shown on the fees sheet below, please speak to us and we will do our very best to accommodate your requirements.


Fees can be paid using vouchers, tax free childcare, local authority funding and direct bank transfers.


Our fees include everything • Freshly prepared meals, drinks and snacks made with high quality, healthy ingredients • High quality disposable nappies • Nappy cream, wipes and other consumables • Your choice of formula milk for babies


Do you need help with Childcare Fees? The Government provides help to parents paying for childcare. Take a look at the Government website to see if you are entiled to any help to cover your childcare costs.

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Effective from 1st March 2024



While Hitchin House Day Nursery is not a Montessori nursery we have taken elements of the Montessori teaching methods that we feel fit with our own ethos.