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Hitchin House Day Nursery

 Children learn best when they are free to explore, investigate and question their own understanding of the world around them. 


Children are naturally inquisitive learners and thrive well in rich, colourful, unrestricted environments that allow young children to challenge their own thinking. At Hitchin House Day Nursery our focus is on inspiring a culture of enquiry-led learning, independent thinking, confidence and wellbeing in Early Years Education. 


We know that all children develop at different stages, and not all children are ready for the next stage at the same time.  Each of our Early Years areas are designed to reassure, challenge and support the developmental, emotional and social requirements throughout their journey and children only move on as and when they are ready.


Home from home - feeling relaxed, happy and secure is a huge part of a child's development.  Throughout the nursery everything has been designed to provide a safe, reassuring and homely feel, while also allowing babies and children the freedom to play, be creative and use the space in a way that feels as natural as it would at home. 


We have created a space that not only encourages creativity, imaginative play and self-discovery, but everything in the nursery has been sourced from high-quality retailers.

Read our OUTSTANDING Ofsted Report 


"The provider and the management team's dedication to creating an innovative early years provision underpins the nursery's success. The team demonstrate the love they have for the nursery by their enthusiasm throughout the day" Ofsted Report 2022 . 



the snug

The Snug


Our delightful, cosy little Snug provides the perfect home-from-home environment for babies adapting to nursery life.







Explorers is an independent space for our toddlers to explore, learn and experience more about the world around them. 


Hitchin House Day Nursery






Pioneers is a colourful, bright and spacious environment providing pre-schoolers with the skills and confidence required for school.




Moments of quiet concentration are the times that deep learning takes place and the outside world is a million miles away. We may never fully know what they learnt in those moments - but it’s enough to know they learnt.