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Welcome to Hitchin House Day Nursery

Making the ordinary, extraordinary

Where every new discovery starts with a question

Enquiry-led learning in Early Years

You can find magic wherever you look

Sit back and relax, all you need is a book

Welcome to Hitchin House Day Nursery
A world of adventure, discovery and excitement awaits your little explorer


From the minute they arrive, children are immersed in a playful environment packed full of opportunities for learning, exploration and discovery.


Throughout the nursery, we have a strong “Montessori-an” and enquiry-led approach embedded into our ethos; encouraging children to make creative and inquisitive choices in their own learning, through age-appropriate activities, play and real-life experiences.

 To find out if Hitchin House Day Nursery is right you and your child, we recommend you come and see what we have to offer for yourself.  Personally, we think you will be amazed.


To reassure parents even more, our committed and highly experienced nursery team have been working in partnership with families for years and understand very well the concerns, hopes and fears you have when choosing the right childcare for your little one.

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Please contact us to book a visit and to find out more about the childcare we provide at Hitchin House Day Nursery. 





home-cooked food

Home-cooked food

about us

About us

Children are naturally very inqusitive. Asking questions is an important part of their learning and development. 


Discover our enquiry-led approach to learning in Early Years.

A child’s question is the start of their journey.